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Welcome to the Clean Vehicle Portal

The Goal

The Clean Vehicle Portal as a new web-database aims to ensure a level of demand  for clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles and encourage manufacturers to invest in development of vehicles with low energy consumption, CO2 emissions and pollutant emissions.

The System

The Clean Vehicle Portal offers access to a large and innovative database system of vehicle data. Feel free to use the vehicle-search above and achieve comparable listings of vehicles in order to your search terms and procurement requirements. Collect your individual selections in your personal watch list.

The Features

  • Access to Europe's largest vehicle database
  • Lifetime-cost-calculationaccording to the „Clean Vehicle Directive“ (2009/33/EC)
  • Interactive joint-procurement 
  • EU-wide information about existing procurement rules and incentive schemes for clean vehicles
  • EU-wide information about market-shares of clean vehicles
  • Powerful and easy-to-use web-application
  • Individual data-output and calculations for each country in the EU
  • Calculate your individual costs with the Liftetime cost calculator tool